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Before The Music Interview Series – Drink

Drink is a Salt Lake City DJ/Producer from our loud neighbor, Las Vegas. After being involved with the Vegas rave scene, he moved to Salt Lake City and quickly made his way into our community. His DJ career began in 1998 and since has played countless events, gaining respect among the most seasoned locals. On this weeks episode of Before The Music, Drink shares his DJ knowledge, reflects on the old school rave scene, and much more.

Before The Music Interview Series – Deff Mate

Smoke Siignals artist DEFF MATE, formerly known as Ill Deff, is a Salt Lake City music producer hailing from Idaho, the land of potatoes. His love for the EDM community shines bright and he is always willing to lend a hand within it. You may have caught him recently on The Saltair’s NYE 2020 show, warming up the decks for the new year. Strapped with a tech deck at all times, this bass music producer is someone to look out for in 2020. Learn all about Deff Mate in this weeks episode of Before the Music.

Before The Music Interview Series – Cvsh Bvnditson

Cvsh Bvnditson is a Dubstep powerhouse from Salt Lake City. This long time fan of EDM decided to make the switch from fan to artist a few years ago and is quickly climbing the ranks in the local scene. If his aggressive anime hair hasn't already caught your attention, his headbanging music surely will. Read all about Cvsh Bvnditson in this edition of Before The Music.