About V2

V2 Presents

V2 Presents is the leading dance music promoter in Utah and the core of Salt Lake City’s thriving dance music scene. With humble beginnings throwing events at abandoned warehouses in 1996 to the company’s creation in 2005, owners Brandon Fullmer and Jeremy Moreland have overcome the highest forms of adversity and grown V2 Presents to the prominent entertainment company that it is today. V2 boasts a repertoire of 4 annual events including New Year’s Eve’s Decadence SLC, St. Patrick’s Day’s Get Lucky, summer festival Das Energi, and Halloween’s Get Freaky; weekly EDM nights including Energi Wednesdays, and Therapy Thursdays at Sky SLC; and hundreds of other events across the Wasatch Front. By honoring older styles, while welcoming in the freshest sounds of dance music, V2 Presents showcases their commitment to quality, diversity, creativity, and individuality.