Energi Wednesdays: Lil Texas (18+)

“If you’re ostracized, if you’re messed with, if you’re the black sheep in the EDM community or your dance friends think you’re weird for liking hardstyle or hardcore, I’m there for you.” - Lil Texas

Therapy Thursdays: Malaa

The notorious Jack Daniels drinking House Music connoisseur is coming and we are here for it. Welcome Malaa to Salt Lake City for his debut set at Therapy Thursdays this September!

Energi Wednesdays: Disciple Round Table Tour (18+)

Disciple Round Table Tour 2019 hits Energi Wednesdays this September! INFEKT, MVRDA, and SampliFire will be bringing 🔥🔥🔥 so prepare yourself for battle.

REZZ: Beyond The Senses Tour

A special friend from another galaxy is coming for you Salt Lake City. Welcome REZZ and the ‘Beyond The Senses Tour’ to The Saltair featuring curated support from Peekaboo and BlackGummy.