Das Energi Festival 2024

Mark your calendars! August 9th and 10th, 2024 - Das Energi Festival returns to illuminate Salt Lake City like never before! In just a few months, the iconic Saltair will once again morph into a universe, powered by the ENERGI of countless attendees!

V2 Presents 

Das Energi Festival

August 9th and 10th 2024

At the Great Saltair 

Friday August 9th: 

Seven Lions & Subtronics

Audeamus • Ben Nicky • Bijou •  Black V Neck • Bonnie x Clyde • Cassian B2B Layton Giordani •  Downlo • Eliminate • Goldzilla • Gorgon City • Jessica Audiffred • JSTJR • Kaleena Zanders • Nate Lowpass • Nexxus 604 • Oliverse • Virtual Riot • Walker & Royce • Wooli • ZANDZ  • ZBRA

Saturday August 10th:

Above & Beyond • Rezz  

Adventure Club • Aname • Bastion • Demitri Medina (DNB Set) • Fred V • Fury w/ Dino • G Jones B2B Eprom • Gravas (DNB Set) • Harriet Jaxxon • JR Destrukt • Kanine B2B Aeon Mode • Kasablanca • LA/NA • Marsh • MitiS • Nitepunk B2B Lucille Croft • Nora En Pure • One True God • Parker Andriese • Qrion • Sarah Lies • TINYKVT

Embrace the surge of ENERGI as Das Energi Festival 2024 unfolds this August. We will be your guide through an oasis of sound where each stage brings its own universe of rhythm. The ground will pulse, visuals will captivate, drawing you into an experience that transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the unity of the dance floor, and find your place among the stars! 

This year, we’re amplifying The Galactic Flats, cranking up the vibes at the Synergy Station, and we introduce a new main stage to the world! Anticipate a music festival unlike any other, set against the surreal backdrop of the Great Saltair’s salt flats, framed by majestic mountains and enriched with the diversity you’ve longed for – a boutique experience that’s truly one of a kind!

 Join us at Das Energi Festival 2024, where we are the current that connects us all! 


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►FAQ | https://dasenergifestival.com/faq/


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Twitter: @dasenergifest

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