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Breaks with SLC DNB, Vol. 1

DNB is coming back strong in 2024 and SLC DNB is your spot for it all in Salt Lake City!

A Re-Introduction to SLC DNB

Popularity of different music and genres has always been a prime candidate for debate, especially in the EDM scene. One sound especially always seems to make its way to the center of that debate; Drum and Bass. Drum and Bass (or DNB) continuously goes back and forth with DJs, producers, and music lovers with hot debates like “is it popular?”, “is it making a comeback?”, “has it been hot this whole time?”. One thing not up for debate is where Salt Lake City stands on the subject, and we have SLC DNB to back up our answer of always pushing drum and bass in our local scene.

SLC DNB started back in 2013 as a monthly series of DNB shows here in the city, but has seen it’s own amount of ups and downs throughout its 10 years of life. At its creation, SLC DNB felt there was a rise in the popularity of the drum and bass sound and they wanted to make sure Salt Lake was prepared to bring the biggest names out to the city and scene. It was short lived unfortunately, as the support from the scene wasn’t quite where it needed to be yet.

Flyer for the very first SLC DNB show in 2013

“People weren’t coming out to support… my personal opinion is that it was too underground of  a sound still,” drum and bass lover and producer, Mitch Henderson said.

DNB on the Rise

Throughout the years, SLC DNB never gave up on their ideas and dreams of bringing drum and bass to the forefront of Salt Lake City though and pushing the sound to everyone they can. Several of the core members of V2 Presents and SLC DNB have been producers of drum and bass and members of drum and bass groups, such as Loki and Drumlojik, so there is true passion behind the project and goal of SLC DNB.

Now drum and bass has been booming again in the US, making its way into pop music, more catchy productions and sounds, and better vocals, and SLC DNB is still here and more ready than ever to share the best of what drum and bass has to offer with the city.

Into the Future

The future is bright for SLC DNB, with big plans to continue to bring the world’s top drum and bass acts to Salt Lake City. Recently, they sponsored a whole night and stage at Get Lucky, one of V2 Presents major festivals here in Utah, and they brought massive names like Reaper, Koven, Culture Shock, and arguably the biggest dnb act right now, Chase & Status.

Chase & Status at Get Lucky 2024. Photo by GorgeousCornchip

“We’re looking at potentially sponsoring more stages on more festivals… festivals are where drum and bass is seeing the most new attention,” Mitch said on the future of SLC DNB.

Coming up next is a big one featuring three of the genre’s trailblazers, Bensley, Justin Hawkes, and Kumarion as they bring the Carry the Fire Tour, a massive night of drum and bass on June 28th!

Salt Lake City has never given up on drum and bass, and we are ready to show the US and beyond that we mean business when it comes to the sound. Now is the time, more than ever, to show up and show support, SLC DNB is only going up from here!