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Das Energi Festival Ticket & Wristband Information

Find out all the details on how to safely purchase a ticket to Das Energi Festival 2018!

Fraudulent Tickets:

Beware of purchasing Das Energi tickets from unauthorized sellers!

Purchasing from third-hand parties is risky! We do not offer refunds or exchanges for fraudulent tickets so make sure you’re buying from a trusted seller or a Das Energi Festival official outlet or street promoter.

There are also fraudulent websites that are offering Das Energi tickets. Do not buy from these sites! They are fraudulent tickets. Purchase online only through dasenergifestival.com

Don’t let your friends get scammed! Send them to our official website, vendors or street promoters for tickets.

Authorized Tickets:

Double check your tickets and make sure they are real! Physical tickets will have a hologram sticker on them. Ticketfly and Smithtix are the only companies with physical tickets.

2 Day Wristbands:

We have a few options for you to exchange your 2 Day ticket for an official Das Energi 2018 2 Day Wristband.

Will Call – 8/13-8/16 from 3PM-7PM we will be posted up at Club X and exchanging your tickets for wristbands.

Pop Up Shop- 8/10  we will have our annual Pop Up Shop where you can exchange your ticket for a wristband, get service fee free tickets AND check out our newest merch.

At the festival- we will also be giving out wristbands in line at the festival. Take your 2 Day ticket to the main gates marked 2 Day Wristband Entrance and we will scan your ticket and give you a wristband.

Once You Have Your Wristband:

Once we give you your wristband we have no way of tracking it so take extra care not to lose your wristband. We do not offer exchanges or refunds for lost wristbands.

We also will not accept altered wristbands. Once you put it on your wrist, do not remove it.

PRO TIP: Have a friend help you put your wristband on. Put two fingers between your arm and the wristband and have your friend pull on the two cords to tighten. This way you will have a little extra room to breathe but it will be tight enough that it won’t slip off.

If you do have an issue with your wristband. You must bring the wristband and the ticket/receipt to the INFO TENT at the main gates and they do their best to help assist you.

Single Day Tickets:

Single Day Tickets will not receive a wristband. You will enter through the second doors, near the VIP entrance.

Please have your ticket ready, if using an online ticket be sure to pull up your email before arriving at the venue as service can be slow at the festival.

VIP Tickets & Passes

VIP tickets will enter through the second doors next to the single day entrance. Liens will be clearly marked as VIP.

VIP will receive an official Das Energi Festival lanyard upon arrival. On the lanyard will be hole punches for your merch gift. Head up to the VIP and they will give you your item. (1 Item per VIP ticket holder.)

You must have your VIP wristband in order to enter VIP areas, lanyards only without a wristband will not be accepted.

There will be a VIP area on the inside stage, the bar upstairs, the main stage ( in the middle of the Energi Field) and on the beach as well as VIP Bathrooms on the beach. Be sure to check them all out!

Verified Outlets and Street Promoters

If you choose to buy a physical ticket please only purchase from these approved outlets and sellers.

Josh Sorensen – (801) 865-3647 – SLC
Sarina Tbunne – (801) 573-0677 – SLC
Danielle Dominguez – (801) 631-5639 – SLC
Jose Hernandez – (801) 833-9398 – SLC
Taryn Lilly – (801) 718-4668 – SLC
Sam Taylor – (801) 910-0022 – SLC
Gavin Faurot – (385) 222-9023 – SLC
Samantha Van Fleet – (801) 631-0036 – SLC
Jaden Kellie – (385) 207-9202 – SLC
Chase Deadsun – (801)803-0932 SLC
Vanessa Trujillo – (435) 830-8749 – SLC, Tooele
Josh Massey – (801) 834-3044 – SLC, Utah & Weber County
Marty Radwin – (801) 721-6110 – SLC, Weber County
Brittany Routier – (801) 657-6164 – SLC, Davis, Weber, & Wasatch
Georgia Larkin – (801) 603-6703 – Davis & Weber County
Unified Chaos – (801) 477-5959 Davis County
Samantha Hirschi – (801) 309-3472 – Utah County & SLC
Victoria Workman – (385) 626-4672 – Utah County & SLC
Nicole Anthony – (801) 330-3427 – Utah County
Rob Bastian – (801) 859-3807 – Utah County
Nathalia Canedo – (801) 836-5377 – Utah County

Borosyndicate Productions – Murray
5180 Commerce Dr Unit 2

Borosyndicate Productions- Downtown
60 Exchange Place

Deja Vu :: Newgate Mall – Ogden
1232 New Gate Mall

Vapor Dreams – Bountiful
273 W 500 S. ste #11

The People’s Coffee- Salt Lake City
221 E 300 S

Haven Empire- South Salt Lake City
1594 S State Street

Murray Vapor- Murray
5318 S State Street

To purchase 2 Day Passes, VIP Passes or Single Day Tickets go to DasEnergiFestival.com