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Decadence Artist: Adventure Club

Two superheroes sent to bring the citizens of Decadence SLC 2018 into 2019 welcome Adventure Club to Salt Lake City. They’ll bring their mix of heavy dubstep drops and pop-punk sounds to the dance floor and we will dance our way into the New Year!

Adventure Club Bio:

Both originating from Montreal, Quebec of Canada, Leighton James and Christian Srigley is an EDM group that has lately been spanning to great heights in the music industry.

Some of the major influences to their sound include Tiësto, Flux Pavilion, Greeley Estates, Bring Me the Horizon and Skrillex. The duo’s signature sound includes high-pitched female vocals with electronic sounds and heavy drops.

The duo formed while attending high school in Montreal as a hardcore pop-punk band but later decided to move onto the more electronic sound of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) after simply getting bored with the pop-punk sound.

The first song to put the duo on the map was their remix of the song “Daisy” from the studio album Daisy (2009) by the American alternative-rock band Brand New, which was put on The Hype Machine, an MP3 blog aggregator website.

Through online social network sites, the duo was able to reach new levels of exposure by getting their first music video on the UKF Dubstep’s YouTube channel. As of November 2012, the music video to the remix of “Everything to Me” by Lips has over 2 million views and was produced and directed by Cedric Sequerra of LuckyFish Productions. All of the props, including weapons, helmets & monsters were made by hand by the cast and crew.

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