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Decadence Artist: Black Tiger Sex Machine

They might not bite but their bass sounds DO! Don’t miss the visual and auditory rollercoaster that Black Tiger Sex Machine will take you on this New Years Eve at Decadence Salt Lake City.

Black Tiger Sex Machine Bio:

Black Tiger Sex Machine are a trio of electronic music producers from Montreal, Canada. Known for their heavy electro sound and post-apocalyptic visuals, they’ve quickly amassed a rabid fanbase since bursting onto the scene in 2012. Drawing from diverse influences ranging from old-school techno to classic rock to 90s boom bap hip-hop, they’ve maintained an intense production schedule over the last two years, releasing three EPs and an innumerable amount of remixes, collaborations and free singles that have drawn widespread acclaim.

Along the way, Black Tiger Sex Machine have built a reputation as one of the best live acts around. They perform a unique show in which they combine tracks, loops, drums, samples, and synths into an intense barrage of sounds and beats, all while wearing their iconic Tiger Helmets. It’s no surprise that Ultra Records listed them as one of the Top 10 masked DJ acts in the industry.
Black Tiger Sex Machine are also the brains behind Kannibalen Records, which has quickly become one of the top independent labels in the game. Through Kannibalen, they’ve shaped the careers of breakthrough artists like Kai Wachi, Apashe, Snails & Dabin.

Having already accomplished so much in so little time, BTSM shows no signs of slowing down their frenetic pace. They were recently featured as founding artists on EDM.com and they just completed two European tours, playing 25 shows in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in less than 8 months. With a packed Canadian festival season and a South African tour planned for October 20th, Black Tiger Sex Machine look set to truly stake their claim as one of the most promising acts in electronic music.

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