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ENERGI WEDNESDAYS are happening this summer in SLC! (18+)

Dance with us on Wednesday nights at ENERGI WEDNESDAYS. Our newest weekly event at SKY SLC featuring some of the hottest in dance music. Energi Wednesdays will be ages 18+ with a 21+ bar!

Can you feel the ENERGI building to Das Energi 2018? Well, in case you can’t we are providing you with a recharge every single Wednesday this summer. Featuring some of the hottest names in Dance Music our weekly event is sure to make your dance your booty off.

Plus for the first time ever SKY SLC will open it’s door for 18+ attendees. But don’t worry we will have plenty of spirits for our over 21+ crowd to enjoy. Head upstairs to grab your drinks and after come back down stairs to dance!

Are you ready to feel the ENERGI?

We will be giving you that extra voltage you need every single Wednesday night in the form of dance music! Its time to CONNECT  and DANCE, are you ready?

We are kicking things off with Crizzly on June 6th followed by the man behind the hit track ‘Throwin Elbows’ Space Laces and one of the heaviest bass masters Dubloadz in July! Don’t worry we’ve got many more announcements coming your way so be sure to join our Energi Wednesdays Facebook Group to keep up with the latest!