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Get Freaky 2018 Allowed Items

A full list of what items are allowed and not allowed inside Get Freaky 2018! Including totem guidelines!


•Small Bags, single compartment regular-size/unframed backpacks, plush backpacks, and purses
•Portable phone chargers
•Sealed packs of tobacco items only (cigarettes, chew, etc..)
•E-cigs/Vapes/Mechanical Mods extra e-cig batteries, sealed bottles of E-Jucice. MUST BE SEALED.
•Polaroid film cameras
•Hula hoops including led hoops, staffs, POI, and other large flow toys (will be searched)
•Inflatables (must be deflated upon entry)
•Flags/banners or handmade signs (no corporate/company brands and no hard flagpoles)
•EL wire
•Camelpaks or hydration packs, empty water bottles; must be empty upon arrival and subject to search.
•Mascot Costumes
•Prescription Meds if needed. Must show physicians prescription and consult with the Security manager upon entry.
Photo ID- this event is 18+ must bring proof of ID.
  1. US or foreign government-issued passport that contain a photograph and date of birth.
  2. College IDs WITH photograph (will not grant you entry to the bar)
  3. High School Identification WITH a birth certificate (must have both and will not grant entry to the bar).
Not Acceptable forms of ID:
  1. High-school identification without a birth certificate.
  2. Consular Identification, licenses issued in countries other than the U.S, expired identification of any kind, or Xerox copies of any Identification.


•Weapons of any kinds
•Illegal substances and/or paraphernalia
•Large or framed backpacks, purses or bags
•Digital Cameras of any kind
•Professional video/audio recording equipment
•Professional still camera equipment with a detachable lens longer than 2 inches, tripods, big zooms, or commercial-use rigs
•Selfie sticks, GoPro cameras or attachments
•Lawn furniture, chairs, tents
•Laser pointers
•Glass or can containers of any kind
•Markers, sharpies, paint pens, or spray paint
•Promotional items, samples, giveaways, flyers, or stickers
•Large totems (see totem guidelines below)
•LED gloves or LED microlights (For Security reasons these are not allowed to be brought in but the venue offers inexpensive LED gloves)
•Over the counter medication, liquid makeup or unsealed tampons.
•No violent props including fake guns, knives or weapons of any kind.
•NO police, security, medic or similar costumes will be allowed.


Totems are welcome at Get Freaky 2018! Here are some guidelines for making a totem!
Must be smaller than 6 feet, and no thicker than 1 inch.
Must be made of light material: swim noodles, foam-type material, cardboard tubes, fabric, string yarn, light plastic, balloons, and/or blow-up items.
Totems made of wood, metal, and/or PVC material will NOT be allowed.
This includes flagpoles and heavy sticks.
Any item deemed dangerous will not be allowed.
Security and staff have the discretion to allow and not allow any totems they find dangerous or unsuitable
Questions about what you can bring? Email us at info@v2presents.com