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Get Freaky Artist Spotlight: B2B Edition

Get Freaky Artist Spotlight but make it B2B! Read about all the back to back sets coming to Get Freaky 2021 this Halloween weekend!

B2B’s at Get Freaky Festival

Whats better than one of your favorite DJs? Two of your favorite DJs playing back to back. What is back to back, you ask? A B2B set is comprised two DJs on stage at once, each choosing different songs and blending the set together. These sets are special. Because not only do you get a two for one deal you also get the unique twist on each individual DJ’s norm. The two will vibe off each other and the set will take on a undiscovered trail. 

Get Freaky is proud to host not one, not two but THREE back to back sets. Read below to learn more about each individual DJ and their B2B partner before we descend onto the Get Freaky dance floor. 

GG Magree b2b Mija 

Girl power takes on a whole new meaning when GG Magree and Mija take the Get Freaky stage. First up GG Magree; Australian born artist who has over 30 million streams on Spotify. She most recently released an EP in 2021 and been making waves touring the US and worldwide. Her unique take on bass music mixed in with rock music and vocal talents makes her a standout on any festival lineup. 

Joining GG Magree, Mija is going to bring a rare vibe to Get Freaky 2021. LA based Mija, is not stranger to B2B sets. In 2014 she was invited to play an art car at Bonnaroo. Here she ran into Skrillex and performed a sunrise B2B, catapulting here to the spotlight. Since then she has released two albums and her latest released ‘Get Lost’ has been quickly gaining traction in the dance music world. 

We have no idea what to expect when GG Magree and Mija take the stage at Get Freaky 2021 and the anticipation is literally killing us. Make this hour set a DO NOT MISS on your Get Freaky schedule. 

Midnight Tyrannosaurus b2b Downlink

Up next on the B2B train is none other than Midnight Tyrannosaurus B2B Downlink.  Both these artists are huge names in the bass music world. Up first Florida based Midnight Tyrannosaurus. With an arsenal of wub hits under his belt, Midnight Ty has had our heart thumping. He has released multiple chart toping Beatport releases. One of his most notably albums ‘Midnight Snacks’ lead to ‘Midnight Snacks VOL 1 Remixes’ with remixes by Figure and Dack Janiels. We fully expect some roaring moments when it’s his turn behind the decks. 

Now, what to expect when Downlink takes his turn? For this highly respected artist we trust that he is going to reign supreme over the Get Freaky crowd. With many #1 hits on Beatport and releases on labels like Rottun, OWSLA and Mau5trap, his catalog speaks for itself. 

This B2B is going to full of fast mixing and heavy bass in the speakers. Be prepared. 

OG Nixin B2b AL Ross 

Bring your neck braces to Get Freaky, because we are going head banging for this back to back moment. OG Nixin is about to share the decks with Al Ross, and it’s going to get heavy. 

OG Nixon considered the West Coast Samarui, he definitely knows how to chop up some wub sounds. His latest EP ‘Thug Na$ty’ released in 2021 features two of the hardest tracks we’ve heard in minute. His B2B partner Al Ross isn’t any quieter. Al Ross knows how to throw down some filthy tunes. Al Ross is knows for their low-end riddim vibes. We fully expect our insides to hurt after this B2B and we can’t wait for the pain. 

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