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Get Freaky Artist Spotlight: Hellbound!

Read more about Hellbound! and his take on Acid House.

Synths that resurrect the dead and bass lines that might make your heart jump. Expect all the above when Hellbound! takes on Get Freaky. Philadelphia based Hellbound! has kept his identity on the back burner and made his music the forefront of this project. His music is something you find in a dark warehouse. It’s a modern take on Acid House. 

Hellbound!’s EP: Afterlife released on Kayzo’s Welcome Records was full of smash hits, that bring back a nostalgic feel of dark nights inside a dance floor. This summer he also created a new label Nullsect, dedicated to the rave. Hellbound! is a Get Freaky act you do not way to miss. Expect a boundary pushing set when Hellbound! brings the rave to Get Freaky! 

Tops Tracks:


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