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The End of Therapy Thursdays: A Decade of Growing a Community

Join us in an emotional, retrospective look at Therapy Thursdays and a few of the magical moments and memories we have all shared.

The Beginning of Therapy Thursdays

In June 2015, Salt Lake City felt the pulse of something new stirring at Sky SLC – Therapy Thursdays. What began as an early start to the weekend soon evolved into a vibrant cornerstone of our city’s electronic music scene, kickstarting the weekend for ravers and providing a platform for up-and-coming electronic artists.

It all started with a stellar lineup that set the stage for Therapy Thursdays’ journey. Acts like Jack Beats, Griz, Party Favor, Destructo, Doctor P, and Marshmello, ignited the excitement, leading to 402 unforgettable nights filled with beats spanning across genres from house to trance to bass.

Marshmello playing a packed Therapy Thursdays
Marshmello playing a packed Sky SLC in 2015. Photo by MigPxl.

Mitch Henderson, an employee of V2 Presents, helped get Therapy Thursdays started at Sky. “Back in 2015 when we first launched Therapy Thursdays, one of the first really big ones where I felt like SKY was gonna be something awesome was when Marshmello headlined. It was during the peak hype period during his come up and I saw him backstage without his helmet. I didn’t know quite how serious they were about keeping his identity a secret and I was backstage with him and his tour manager and he was signing the green room wall so I whipped out my phone to ask if I could take a pic of him signing the wall. They were like “absolutely not!” 😂  Crazy to think that was almost 10 years ago.”

But Therapy Thursdays was more than just a club night; it was an immersive experience, a tight-knit community united by a love for dance music.

Rising Stars and Therapy Thursdays

Therapy Thursdays quickly gained renown for its impressive lineups, featuring renowned artists such as Marshmello, who graced our stage in 2015, and Griz, who also made an appearance that year, selling out Sky SLC and captivating audiences and fostering a dedicated fan base here in Utah. 2017 saw artists like Illenium and Rezz, who has since skyrocketed to fame, selling out venues nationwide and headlining Das Energi this year.

Sarina Brannon was there from the beginning: “What I loved the most about Therapy Thursdays was that every week you got the chance to catch someone you’d usually only see at a festival but in a more intimate space. From the very first one to the last, Therapy Thursdays were some of the best times of my life.”

Illenium playing at Therapy Thursdays
Illenium playing Therapy Thursdays in 2017. Photo by MigPxl.

A special acknowledgement is due to the amazing female artists who have not only headlined but also delivered unforgettable performances on our stage, highlighting the richness and dynamism of electronic music. From Gem & Tauri, Haliene, HoneyLuv, Krewella, Rezz, and Sam Devine, these talented individuals have left an enduring imprint on our hearts and our dance floor.

Rezz playing at Therapy Thursdays
Rezz at Therapy Thursdays 2017. Photo by MigPxl.

Final Reflection on Therapy Thursdays

As we say goodbye, we reflect with warmth, pride, and a touch of dance-induced nostalgia. This gathering was more than just a weekly event; it was a vibrant community, a launch pad for artists, and a sanctuary for music lovers throughout the city. While the midweek party may have stopped, the memories and influence of Therapy Thursdays will endure for years to come.

To the artists, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. And to our dedicated fans, we owe a special thanks. You transformed Therapy Thursdays into a phenomenon. Here’s to the memories and the music that will continue to resonate within us all and here’s to the future of dance music in Salt Lake City.