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Incoming Broadcast: Transmit Festival Artist Spotlight

Transmit Festival 2023 promises an unparalleled unity of sound and spirit in Salt Lake City. Dive into a transcendent lineup featuring Lane 8, Kasablanca, and Sultan + Shepard, ensuring an unforgettable night under one resonating transmission.

One Stage. One Sound. One Transmission. Lost in the airwaves for the last few years the broadcast has finally found its way home to Salt Lake City. Transmit Festival is all about unity and bringing a community together in ways that are often overlooked in larger festivals, but a necessity still. What is on a broadcast is what makes it though, so for its triumphant return Transmit had to bring in some of the best.

Lane 8

Transmit is about uniting its listeners under one stage and one frequency, so who better to headline than the legendary Lane 8? Lane 8 brings clubs and dance floors together with deep and progressive house hits and often implementing a “no cell phone” policy that keeps distractions to a minimum. Just the music, lights, people, and dance floor. Lane 8 has had a steady stream of releases throughout the 2023 year which we can only hope is building up to the release of his 5th studio album soon. One of those summer releases was Rave, a song that takes the listener on a journey through its progressive house beat to a calm, ethereal break in the middle before bringing you back up with a build a drop that inspires you to dance all night. Transmit is ready to have Lane 8 close out our annual broadcast in an emotional way!

Lane 8 playing the Das Energi Festival in 2019
Lane 8 at Das Energi Festival 2019 by DAAR


Kasablanca are no new faces to the Utah dance community. They have played Das Energi Festival in 2022 and then making a stop in our city on their very small and exclusive “Am I Dreaming? Tour” in February of this year. Now the duo are coming to make sure Transmit Festival is broadcasting correctly into our hearts and ears. Kasablanca is:

1. a feeling; a place; a moment in time

2. human emotion suspended in a vacuum tube, manipulated through living     machines and converted to binary for mass consumption. 

and they stay true to that definition, using modular synths live on stage to truly bring human emotion out of machine and music and into their beautiful blend of melodic techno and house. The Lucid Audio EP is an emotional journey that every Transmit Citizen should go on before coming out to listen to the main transmission. Kasablanca is coming, make sure you’re tuned in.

Kasablanca performing at Das Energi Festival in 2022
Kasablanca at Das Energi Festival 2022 by Jason Appel

Sultan + Shepard

This year’s transmission is also bringing Sultan + Shepard into its airwaves with their dreamy, progressive house. After meeting in a club, Sultan + Shepard could not deny their musical chemistry and destiny to produce together. The duo have worked with Lane 8 on several projects including the recent release RnR. RnR is a song that envelops you on an ethereal journey that feels like floating in the ocean of cosmos. Transmit is shaping up to be one of the most beautiful moments of 2023. Sultan + Shepard will control the sounds that unite us all within the current.

Tune In for the Rest of the Transmit Festival Lineup

A correct start to the broadcast can make or break the rest of the evening’s transmission, so to open the night we have have Luttrell, Jerome Isma-ae, and Eric Hill. With more deep and progressive house sounds blended with trance and techno, the current will be off to a fantastic start that will have The Saltair moving in unison as the pace and tempo slowly builds all night.

Transmit may have been MIA during its hiatus of a few years, but it’s making a triumphant return in 2023 to set a standard and tone that will need to be matched for years to come. This year’s broadcast is coming closer as the anticipation builds each week. V2 Presents is making sure we have all we need to make it a night to remember. I’ll see you there and even going alone know we’ll all be dancing together under one transmission.

Transmit Festival happens on 11.25.2023 at The Great Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Tickets are on sale at transmitslc.com

Wrote by:

Jason Appel – V2 Presents Marketing Assistant