Therapy Thursdays: Bingo Players

Therapy Thursdays is celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary in SLC and who better to set it off than Bingo Players?

V2 Presents: Therapy Thursdays

Ft. Bingo Players

In 2006 they began recording under the moniker, Bingo Players. Their tracks started to resonate with the EDM crowds in America and abroad. Their songs— featuring buzzing, bouncing synthesizers, crunchy, guitar-like riffs reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers, and powerful, driving beats— are shaped by a memorable lyrical hook or a melody. 2009’s “Devotion” utilizes the catchy vocal hook, and sets it against a funky infectious saxophone riff and syncopated backbeat. Bingo Players return to SLC this summer presenting the Everybody Tour at SKY SLC! Taking stage June 21st for the 3 year celebration of Therapy Thursdays.

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