Das Energi Festival 2018

Kaskade x Dillon Francis x deadmau5 x REZZ
+ Many More
August 17th & 18th

V2 Presents

Das Energi 2018

Friday Aug 17th \\ Kaskade x Dillon Francis
Saturday Aug 18th \\ deadmau5 x REZZ


12th Planet ⚡︎ Andrew Bayer ⚡︎ Anna Lunoe ⚡︎ ATLiens ⚡︎ Bonnie X Clyde ⚡︎ BORN DIRTY ⚡︎ Camo & Krooked ⚡︎ Chris Lake ⚡︎ Decadon ⚡︎ Fransis Derelle ⚡︎ Fury & Dknow (MC Dino) ⚡︎ GG MAGREE ⚡︎ Haywyre ⚡︎ JOYRYDE ⚡︎ K?d ⚡︎ KRANE ⚡︎ Mad Zach ⚡︎ Midnight Tyrannosaurus ⚡︎ Morgan Page ⚡︎ NGHTMRE ⚡︎ Paul Van Dyk ⚡︎ Planet Of The Drums ⚡︎ QUIX ⚡︎ Rabbit in the Moon (LIVE) ⚡︎ Ray Volpe ⚡︎ Rusko ⚡︎ Sam Feldt ⚡︎ SHARPS ⚡︎ Snails ⚡︎ Spencer Brown ⚡︎ Tritonal ⚡︎ um ⚡︎ Vanic ⚡︎ What So Not ⚡︎ YDG

This summer, for one-weekend, many will venture towards the Salt Flats where; seemingly out of thin air a strange but familiar world will appear. A world powered by thousands of souls expressing their love, forging new memories and sharing their energi.

When we share our energi we attract more of the same and as more plug into our world this current will grow more substantial. This current created by you; is what powers the world of Das Energi Festival.

As you submerge yourself deeper and deeper into Das Energi you will discover that this current flow throughout. From the Synergy Station to the striking Temple of Boom placed in the Energi Field and the Galactic Flats just beyond the horizon, there will be an infinite amount of love and happiness to experience.

You’ll never feel lost or alone inside this place because the energi of thousands of individuals will fuse and generate a current. A current that connects us all.

Access the world of Das Energi Festival this coming summer…

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