Energi Wednesdays: Jaenga + Ahee

Get in, we are going ‘Back to the Rave’ Tour! Featuring Jaenga + Ahee is coming to Energi Wednesdays this October!

V2 Presents & Sky SLC Present:

Jaenga + Ahee

Back to the Rave Tour

Energi Wednesdays

VIP Service ・ vip@skyslc.com・801-913-9231

Venue・Soundwell SLC 149 W 200 S

21+ event・Doors open at 9:00pm

About Jaenga:

Bass artist Jaenga had a clear philosophy from day one, music should not be limited by industry standards or genre boundaries. Erupting onto the scene in 2015, Jaenga distinguished himself in the festival circuit early, with his signature purple school bus and electrifying bass sounds.

Jaenga and the “renegade bus” are renowned for hosting some of the biggest names in the electronic scene, attracting top talent such as GRiZ, Eprom, Slushii, and Buku with its collaborative environment and creative energy. Joining the lineup of festivals such as Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Summer Camp, Sonic Bloom and more, he has defined his live shows by immersing audiences in the world of Jaenga. A bass purist with retro sensibilities, Jaenga integrates live guitar, drums, or even just a pair of CDJs into his experiential performances.

His debut EP, Toulambi, released on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats label this November, and features the signature bass-heavy sounds and ambient soundscapes that have become synonymous with Jaenga. Taking inspiration from the ideologies of the Toulambi tribe, human technological syncretism, and his own nomadic spirit has enabled Jaenga to created a timely piece that accurately reflects and questions the current zeitgeist. Along with his EP, Deadbeats will be releasing a Jaenga remix of the Zeds Dead’s track “Kill Em” on October 26th and featured on an original Deadbeats compilation coming this fall.

About Ahee:

AHEE’s remarkable journey as a musician embarked on a thrilling trajectory in 2015, when he joined the world-renowned live electronic music and performance act “The Lucent Dossier Experience.” This pivotal moment marked the inception of an electrifying career characterized by high-energy dubstep and mesmerizing sonic exploration. Fast forward to today, AHEE’s signature style radiates an inexhaustible energy that captivates dance floors across all genres of EDM. His music reflects a remarkable flexibility, supporting acts like Excision and Subtronics while also lending his talent to artists like Big Gigantic and Shpongle.

Beyond his music, AHEE serves as a guiding light for aspiring producers, generously sharing his knowledge through easily accessible music production tutorials that have amassed a total of more than 2 million total views through his youtube channel.

In addition to his educational efforts, AHEE has contributed to the music production landscape with a wealth of tools and resources through his website. His sample packs and presets are a treasure trove of sounds, carefully curated to inspire and elevate the creative process. AHEE’s Ableton racks have become essential tools for beginner and established producers seeking to simplify their workflow and push their creative limits. And for those on a quest for cutting-edge sounds, his meticulously crafted rave stabs and serum presets are a goldmine of inspiration.

Be sure to AHEE’s Aliens Today!

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