Get Lucky 2018

Get Lucky Festival 2018 coming to The Saltair in Salt Lake City this March 9th & 10th 2018!

V2 Presents
The 13th Annual
Datsik \\ Friday March 9th
Above & Beyond \\ Saturday March 10th
Special Guests:
Getter x Slander
Brian Blurr x Cult 45 x Deadsun (Official) x Nate Lowpass x SuprTek x Wolfik x Z & Z
Soon the ice will melt away and the cold winds of winter will be replaced with the gentle air of spring.. The grey haze will turn into a alluring golden horizon. Like the year before and the year before that we will begin our mystic journey to find what mysteries wait for us at the end of every rainbow. What sort of mischief and luck could be waiting for us? For those who follow, good fortune is guaranteed because at the end of this particular rainbow is the ever enchanted world of Get Lucky!
Like a rolling in a bed of four leaf clovers or finding a pile of horseshoes stumbling upon Get Lucky is pure serendipity for the real pot of gold can be found inside it’s walls. Where happiness is shared by all and joyous occasions are destined to last all weekend. The Luck of the Irish has found you. Will you be lucky enough to join us on the mesmerizing journey to Get Lucky 2018?
The Great Saltair
12408 W. Saltair Dr. Magna, UT
18+ entry / 21+ Bars (WITH ID)

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