Goldie: The Journey Man US DJ Tour

Goldie is brining The Journey Man US DJ Tour to The Metro Musical Hall in SLC this September! epic night coming your way soon SLC!

J Law B2B C Wright x DeeJay Loki B2B Steez Loso x TinkFu B2B Deejay Julliette
Hosted by MC Duh
Some people might call what I do drum ‘n’ bass. But I’m not going to narrow it down to what the music industry thinks is commercially viable. I’m not really into narrow thinking. Making this music is like poker. You begin with five cards. You don’t play poker with two cards. That’s just the rule of the game. Once you learn how to play you can bend the rules.
I’ve been in this game for as long as I can remember, seeking out bits of punk rock, pop and reggae when I was still a kid in Walsall. When slap bass days arrived in the mid eighties I started to get into Loose Ends, Change and Maze travelling for funk all-dayers. I even gave Rastafarianism a shot earning myself the nickname Goldielocks, but then the hip-hop scene blew up and you can’t spin on your head if you’ve got locks. So I said see you later to that!

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