HVDES and Hi Im Ghost at Soundwell SLC

Dive into a universe where spooky meets sinister with Hi I'm Ghost and HVDES. The 'Hi I'm HVDES' tour is your ticket to the extraordinary!

V2 Presents

Hi I’m Ghost & HVDES

Hi I’m Hvdes Tour

Venue・Soundwell・149 W 200 S

21+ event・Doors open at 9:00pm

About HVDES:

Supported by electronic & rock staples including deadmau5, Bring Me The Horizon, Senses Fail, Svdden Death, Kill The Noise, Of Mice & Men, and more, HVDES brings a blackhearted yet thrilling aura to the next generation of electronic & rock music. With deep roots in her local alternative & punk scenes, HVDES possesses a versatile grasp of music across the spectrum, beginning with her earliest talents as a classical pianist. Armed with her influences in the rock scene & a laptop, HVDES found her sound by expressing her authentic self—turning the darkest corners of her life into music. She offers a strikingly sinister sound that resonates on the dance floor and in the mosh pit. Much like the ruler of the underworld, the sheer intensity of HVDES’ trademark sound represents her fierce persona.

There’s a reason HVDES has released on labels such as Kannibalen, Bloodhoney, Monstercat, & more; she’s carved out a lane for herself and herself alone with her own gritty, raw, and signature style. In 2019, HVDES unleashed her Stand Alone Complex EP, embarked on her first international tour across China and has since toured across the U.S. In 2020, she released her pivotal song “Fallout” and in 2022, co-produced and co-wrote the major re-imagination by Bring Me The Horizon & Masked Wolf.

For the misfits and the misunderstood, HVDES delivers both a comforting and cutting-edge perspective on the dark side of life. Creating beauty where there’s pain, HVDES cuts deep in all the right places.

About Hi I’m Ghost:

One fateful evening, the course of Nathan Davis’ life took an unexpected turn. From a shadowy corner emerged a small and mysterious figure that shyly introduced itself with the words, “Hi, I’m Ghost.” With the intention to take the bass scene by storm, the otherworldly entity sought out a producer to bring its haunting vision to life.

Since the inception of this eerie duo, Hi I’m Ghost has mesmerized listeners around the world with their signature sound – a blend of heavy, dark beats infused with a spooky twist. Their tracks have become a sensation among dubstep fans, and their tracks such as “Death Rail” and “Spooky Riddim” have amassed millions of streams; but Hi I’m Ghost isn’t just limited to dubstep. The duo recently introduced a new alias “Hi I’m House,” exploring a different side of their artistry with house music.

In addition to their impressive discography, Hi I’m Ghost completed their first headline tour in 2022 ‘The Raveyard’ and have toured with some of the biggest names in dubstep such as Excision, Virtual Riot, and Barely Alive. The duo has also played at several festivals across the country, including Bass Canyon, Forbidden Kingdom, Lost Lands, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Paradise Blue. As Hi I’m Ghost continues to evolve, fans can look forward to more spooky surprises as they continue to haunt the electronic music scene with their bone-chilling sounds.

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