Therapy Thursdays: Morgin Madison

Morgin Madison is coming to SKY SLC on April 28th 2022! With support from Donnny Carr!

V2 Presents & Sky SLC Present

Morgan Madison

Therapy Thursdays

VIP Service・ AJ・・(385) 707-6318

Venue・SKY SLC・149 W Pierpont Ave

21+ event・Doors Open at 9:30pm

About Morgin Madison:

A former lobbyist gone creative, Morgin Madison brandishes a unique style of atmospheric dance music ranging from chilled house beats to dramatic, hard-hitting set pieces. A highly articulate craftsman in all aspects of his work, Madison makes honest dance music for the eager listener, holding nothing back. In 2020, Madison caught the attention of deadmau5, and soon thereafter found his rightful home at mau5trap. Born in a time of uncertainty, Madison’s debut album “Living the Phantasm” is a testament to perseverance, and serves as the culmination of every musical influence that has defined his artistic life.

“After hearing only a couple demos, we immediately signed Morgin Madison in 2020… this was one of those moments where we knew there was a special story to tell, and we wanted to be a part of it every step of the way” – mau5trap

A feat rarely achieved, Madison’s album release saw his music hit all three major Sirius XM radio stations simultaneously — a tangible display of his iron-clad grip on dance music. A blossoming career best defined by unrelenting passion and taking the risk no matter how daunting, Morgin Madison’s true potential is endless. With much more to come throughout the course of 2021 and beyond, the story of Morgin Madison is only just beginning.

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