Rabbit In The Moon (DJ SET)

Bunny from Rabbit In The Moon brings his industrial-influenced sounds to SLC for a special DJ set! A pioneer in the electronic music scene, mesmerizing audiences for over two decades this is an experience you can’t miss!

Desert Basin & V2 Presents:
Rabbit In The Moon (DJ Set)
Loki + Motto + Hooplah + Bandwagon
RSVP Required ・ Private Event ・Location To Be Announced
21+ ・BYOB ・9PM-4AM
Please ride share and travel responsible
About Rabbit in the Moon:
Rabbit in the Moon is an intense act that mixes cinematic electronics with techno/ bass music combined with an unforgettable live stage performance. Ritm creates live immersive environments by designing all encompassing experiences for their fans. In 2008 their song Star Shine featuring the worlds first full body video suit. It was constructed using over 1500 full color spectrum LED lights that display video. LED lights also have a bright deep saturated quality that has to be seen live to truly be experienced. Ritm is the first electronic group to throw events that combined live electronic music, synced video, performance art and pyrotechnics that have now become a staple of EDM festivals worldwide. They have been called “The Grateful Dead” or “Pink Floyd” of electronic music, while their fans are referred to as “rabbitheads”.

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