Therapy Thursdays: Bonnie x Clyde

Bonnie x Clyde are coming to Therapy Thursdays at Sky Slc this December! come dance rose gang!

V2 Presents and Sky SLClc present
Jump in the get away car and ride into the sunset with duo Bonnie x Clyde and their debut at Therapy Thursdays!
“Paige and Daniel have created and coined a genre they like to call “Vocal Bass.” Rather than stick to a genre that was already established and popular with audiences, Paige and Daniel used their strengths and talent to create a genre unprecedented and virtually unheard of. It is a mix of synth, vocals, and bass. Similar to R.L. Grime’s sound, but yet, different. Their sound urges the audience to have a great time, but in an almost trance-like manner.” – Views From the Pit

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