Therapy Thursdays: K?D

K?D is coming to Therapy Thursdays at Sky SLC this October! see you on the dance floor!

V2 Presents and Sky SLC Present
Almost every single article we came across called this next Therapy Thursday artist a wonderkid, no pun intended. K?D stormed into the dance music scene with an incredible catalog of originals productions along with some masterful remixes. He made almost every ‘artist to watch’ list and is now on almost every major festival lineup in the country. His music over flows with vibes from dark and dynamic to foxy and groovy K?D is able to move through genres like he was made to be behind the decks. He makes extremely bold sounds blend together like he’s a veteran of dance music, and this is only the beginning of his career. This is one of the do not miss Therapy Thursdays of the year, trust us. Welcome K?D to SKY SLC.
Support by AtrophIA-
For VIP reservations contact : 216.375.4684
149 West Pierpont Ave
Salt Lake City
This event is 21+ | Doors open at 9:30PM
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