Energi Wednesdays: SAYMYNAME (18+)

SAYMYNAME returns to SKY SLC for a debut event at Energi Wednesdays!

V2 Presents & Sky SLC Present


Merciless Tour

We will be giving you that extra voltage off ENERGI you need every single Wednesday night in the form of dance music! 18+ will be dancing downstairs and we have a 21+ only area upstairs for you to enjoy a cocktail while you party. It’s time to connect our ENERGI and DANCE


SAYMYNAME hails from the greater Los Angeles area, he is also better known as Dayvid Sherman. Dayvid grew up in a musical family influenced by many genres of music including hiphop from his father who DJ’d as a hobby. Growing up in LA’s booming rave scene, Dayvid went on to graduate from Chapman University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising.

Upon graduation, is when SAYMYNAME boasts the ever so coveted INSOMNIAC EVENT’S DISCOVERY PROJECT WINNER in 2013. Davyid has performed at such festivals as Insomniac’s Basson, EDC Las Vegas 2013, 2014 and at EDC Las Vegas 2015.
As he’s tinkered with both trap and hardstyle, trying to find his sound… his re-birth came about as he discovered #HARDTRAP.

Ever since then, SAYMYNAME has been the pioneer of this sound movement. As a result, many blogs and fans have labeled SAYMYNAME as the God Father of HARDTRAP. Keep an eye out for this young exciting act which brings his fabulous stage presence and ridiculous drops and basslines which makes crowds go insanely crazy!

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