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Before The Music Interview Series – Audie-O

Audie-O is a dedicated individual with a drive to practice music every day. We discuss her album coming out this summer and how she has prepared for it. Audie-O’s methods and inspiration might surprise you. Read about her in this edition on Before the Music.

How did you come up with the name of your project?

Everyone has called me Audie and my name’s Audrie. My friends call me Audie because i’m strange or weird, kind of an oddball. I’ve kind of been Audie my whole life. When I thought I’d be a DJ my friends asked me what I was going to call myself. Audie-O duh!

I’ve heard that Fransis Derelle has been mentoring you recently. What can you tell me about that?

I did a release with him last summer. Since, I have been working with him on a lot of things. He has taught me it’s best to have a lot of tracks people can binge on versus multiple singles spread out. I have an album coming out at the end of the summer. I have eight tracks ready for it.

Is the album ready to be released, or do still have some work to do on it?

I’m tweaking all of the current tracks and adding vocals to a lot of them. I may keep it at an eight track album, but I also might add or delete some of the tracks.

Can you tell us the name of the album?

It’s actually unnamed at this moment. I haven’t named it yet!

What are some challenges you have had to overcome while producing this album?

I’ve had a crazy year. I was working with Fransis a lot, but I went through some things in my personal life and I decided to go find myself. I got into this program called impact training. I just completed their life mastery to the highest level over the weekend.

What is impact training?

It’s somewhat of a self awareness, spiritual training type thing. I feel like it has completely changed me as a person and my music. It’s allowed me to be in tune with myself and trust myself. I always have the biggest issue of trusting my intuition and going with what I feel. I was feeling like I wasn’t worthy of my own path in a sense. This has shown me that I am worthy of all this. I’m just going to go for it.

Has the impact training affected your music? If so, how?

Yes. It’s changed the flow and makes me be in the moment. I don’t write music anymore, the music writes itself. Things come more naturally, they just flow. It just comes to me. It’s like I’m not writing the music, I’m just the first person to hear it.

How did you get into EDM?

I remember getting way into it and went to my first show in 2007 called Luv2K, it was amazing. After that I was hooked on all things EDM. Ever since I’ve had this huge passion for Electronic music. About five years ago I thought, I’m going to make this music. I thought if I’m going to make it, I’ve got to be able to share it. The only way to share it is to DJ, so I decided to start DJing.


You decided you wanted to make music music before you started to DJ. Did you actually end up producing music first?

Yes. I started producing music in 2014 and learned how to DJ the summer after that, about six months later. I was also a musician way before I got into EDM. I started playing instruments at the age of six. I play the piano, drums, and guitar. I’ve also played the guitar in a few bands.

Has being a musician for so long helped you with producing EDM?

Yes it did, but learning the computer side was the hardest part. I have all of this musical talent, but how do I translate it into making sounds on a computer? How do I put this in Ableton? How do I sidechain? How do I master this track? It’s addicting. I make music every single day.

How is making music every day going for you?

There are some days I don’t produce, but I’ll play the piano for hours. A lot of my music friends have said to do a little bit every day. If you promise yourself to make music every single day, you will make it. Also write down every idea you have.

What is your direction with this project?

It has a ton of depth to it and is a little trippy. I want it to sound really trippy and be something everyone can connect to. My favorite part about music is creating that connection and letting people allow themselves to connect to me or themselves on a deeper level.

Who inspires you the most with your music?

I really like Drake. I think about him a lot while I’m producing. I’ll make a beat and think, this sounds like something Drake would sing to, I’m gonna go with this.

What is your favorite part about producing and being a DJ?

I love connecting with people. I love to connect with a crowd and people will connect with me and themselves. It’s something not everyone is able to do. I love to catch people off guard and throw curveballs at people. I really like to play with people, I’m very playful. I like to give them an experience they weren’t expecting.

What is something your fans would never guess about you?

For some reason people are always thrown off that I’m a female. People will run up after I get off stage and say “I thought you were a guy until I heard you pick up the mic, like thats a girl.” It happens to me every show. I think it’s my music style and the way I play.

What is something you want your fans to remember about you?

I want to be known for who I am. For the fans that don’t know me, I want them to know I work my ass off for what I want. Because of that, it’s worth it.

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Wrote by:

Ethan Freeman – V2 Presents Intern