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Decadence Artist: Getter

Are you ready to headbang our way into 2019, because that’s what we plan on doing when Getter enters the world of Decadence SLC 2018 this New Years Eve!

Getter Bio:

There are plenty of bass music producers out there grinding away at the seemingly never-ending task of securing a plot of EDM acreage. But Getter, otherwise known at Tanner Petulla, has become increasingly adept at identifying previously unused musical real estate off the grid, bulldozing his current musical ideologies, and then rebuilding an entirely new, futuristic neon palace devoted to reinvention and experimentation. In the not too distant future, he’ll have squatters ready to dye their hair neon for a chance to be part of what Getter will bring to life.

Early in his career, Getter asserted himself as one of the most consistent and significant talents to emerge from the international bass scene. In 2013, Getter released two Beatport-chart-topping releases including his debut album “I Want More” and “Thriller EP”, which showed Getter’s expanding and diverse skill set. Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Datsik and Borgore have rinsed his tunes. His recent releases with the international Bass music Powerhouse Firepower Records shot to the top of the charts and showed an artist confident in his abilities and production prowess. In 2015, Getter will see his work released by the inimitable Dance Music label, OWSLA.

But recently, Getter has found an untapped creative outlet in simply allowing his own musical evolution to take place. His signature neon hair and eccentric social media dispatches are reflected in his forthcoming projects, much of which will serve as a bridge over the stagnant waters of musical conformity and connecting the past with the next phase of Bass music production. At times, his work will emerge from a much more serene and meditative side of himself, but this ability to dip into alternate states of creative thinking has remained an essential creative force for understanding his limits and finding ways to push through them.
Getter will remain the unsung hero of underground bass culture because he has done what the underground values the most: ignoring trends and cutting his own path. It’s a path he’s making sure to cut wide enough for all his fans to walk astride as he makes his way to the next stage.

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