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Get Funky Festival 2024 Artist Spotlights

Immerse yourself in the Get Funky experience with our Artist Spotlight blog. Discover and learn about your favorite artists on our lineup!

As the Get Funky Festival 2024 approaches, anticipation builds for a weekend of non-stop House Music. This year, we’ve curated a lineup that promises to surpass all expectations. Featuring a mix of house music’s finest artists, each with their own distinctive sound and style. Let’s take a closer look at the maestros behind the music, exploring the path that led them here and the tracks that have defined their careers.

Kaskade / Get Funky 2024 headliner

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Kaskade 🪩

Dive into the world of a true electronic music pioneer, Ryan Raddon, aka Kaskade. With a career adorned by GRAMMY nods, sell-out shows from Navy Pier to the Staples Center, and the historic headline at Coachella, Kaskade’s influence is monumental. Catch his transformative set at Get Funky Festival 2024! 

🎵 Top Tracks: ‘Escape’, ‘In The Morning’, ‘On Your Mind’

🔥 From lighting up the Grand Canyon Skywalk to pioneering Vegas residencies, his sound transcends boundaries. Collaborating with icons like Alicia Keys and forming the dynamic Kx5 duo with deadmau5. Kaskade’s journey is a testament to his revolutionary spirit and enduring appeal.

🎧 In the Mix: Fans of deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and Tiësto will feel right at home with his beats.

Tchami & Malaa/ Get Funky 2024 headliner

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Tchami & Malaa present: No Redemption 🪩

Prepare for the return of house music’s most dynamic duo under their exhilarating project: No Redemption. French producers Tchami and Malaa have reunited, blending their distinctive sounds into a performance that’s nothing short of legendary. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience No Redemption at Get Funky Festival 2024.

🎵 Top Tracks: Summer 99, Kurupt, The Sermon

🌟 Rise to Fame: After a mesmerizing ‘No Redemption’ tour and a show-stopping Ultra appearance, their combined force has only grown.

🎧 For Fans Of: Exquisite house soundscapes and anyone eager to witness the unity of Tchami’s divine brightness with Malaa’s mysterious depth on stage.

Wax Motif/ Get Funky 2024 artist

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Wax Motif 🪩

Meet the architect of the US house scene’s evolution, Wax Motif. His unique blend of R&B, disco, and U.K. bass has cemented his status as a sought-after global talent. Don’t miss him at Get Funky Festival 2024!

🎵 Must-Hear Tracks: ‘WET’, ‘Skank N Flex’, ‘On The Low’

🌟 From founding Divided Souls Records to his debut album ‘House Of Wax’ amassing over 33 million streams, Wax’s journey is one of relentless innovation. With support from the likes of Dom Dolla and Solomun, Wax Motif’s sets promise a journey through electronic music’s most vibrant landscapes.

🎧 For Fans Of: Chris Lake, AC Slater, and FISHER, Wax’s dynamic sound is a must-experience.

Kyle Watson/ Get Funky 2024 artist

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Kyle Watson 🪩

Venture into the deep grooves with South Africa’s own Kyle Watson, a master of innovative house music. His decade-long journey has been marked by a distinctive sound that combines sound design with deep basslines. Catch him at Get Funky Festival 2024! 

🎵 Top Tracks: ‘Solace’, ‘Magic Carpet’, ‘I Got You’

🌍 From thrilling 15,000 fans in South America to sold-out tours in the USA, Australia, and beyond, Kyle’s global influence is undeniable. Earning acclaim from titans like Diplo and Chris Lake.

🎧 Fans of Gorgon City and Chris Lake, get ready for Kyle Watson’s set to redefine your festival experience!

Chris Lorenzo

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Chris Lorenzo 🪩

Dive into the musical world of Chris Lorenzo, a mastermind behind House and Bass music. His journey from iconic festival stages to pioneering tracks has marked him as a leading figure in the scene. Don’t miss Chris Lorenzo at Get Funky 2024! 

🎵 Must-Listens: ‘MAMI’, ‘California Dreamin’’, ‘Rhymes’

🌟 Signature Sound: Chris Lorenzo is celebrated for ‘MAMI’ and his unmatched production skills, making waves with music that bridges deep bass and melodious harmony.

🎧 For Fans Of: AC Slater, Gorgon City, and those captivated by a blend of rhythm and melody that commands the dance floor.

🪩 Artist Spotlight: XÍE 🪩

Meet XÍE (pronounced “Shay”), the Los Angeles-based powerhouse DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter. Crafting melodic beats that dance on the edge of house music’s soulful spirit. With a rich background in classical music and fine art, her artistic expression knows no bounds. Experience her at Get Funky Festival 2024!

🎵 Must-Hear Tracks: ‘Drip’, ‘Super 8’, ‘Habits’

💫 From captivating performances at Coachella’s DoLab to EDC Las Vegas, XÍE’s journey is a testament to her dynamic creativity. Inspired by the likes of ZHU and Grimes, her music is a fusion of house, techno, and pop.

🎧 For those who vibe with Wax Motif and Chris Lake, XÍE’s set is not to be missed.


🪩 Artist Spotlight: Wuki 🪩

Get ready for Wuki, the genre-defying powerhouse whose tracks have taken the dance world by storm. With his Grammy-nominated remixes and viral TikTok hits, Wuki is a name synonymous with innovative club anthems. Prepare to be amazed by Wuki’s set at Get Funky 2024!

🎵 Top Tracks: ‘Edge of Seventeen’, ‘Birds’, ‘Better’

🌟 Rise to Fame: Wuki’s Grammy nomination for his remix of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Mother’s Daughter’ and his TikTok fame showcase his wide appeal and creativity.

🎧 For Fans Of: Diplo, Skrillex, and anyone who loves a fresh take on breaks, electro, and house that gets the crowd moving.

Anabel Englund

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Anabel Englund 🪩

Dive into the vibrant essence of Southern California with Anabel Englund’s sun-kissed vocals and deep beats. Her debut album ‘Messing with Magic’ showcases a range from dance floor anthems to soul-stirring tunes. Experience her set at Get Funky Festival 2024! 

🎵 Must-Listens: ‘Deja Vu’, ‘LOW’, ‘Midnight Rapture’

🌟 Rise to Fame: Englund has captivated the dance music scene with chart-topping collaborations with MK and hits like ‘So Hot (MK & Nightlapse Remix)’.

🎧 For Fans Of: MK, Lee Foss, and those who love their house music with a touch of heartfelt vocals and uplifting melodies.


🪩 Artist Spotlight: Gudfella 🪩

Meet Gudfella, the San Diego sensation blending deep house beats with vocal hooks. From the Philippines to the heart of the US dance scene, his music is capturing hearts. Don’t miss his performance at Get Funky Festival 2024!

🎵 Top Tracks: ‘Rule The World (Everybody)’, ‘2 Hearts’, ‘ALWAYS IN MY MIND :)’

🌟 Signature Sound: Because of Gudfella’s unique blend of electronic elements and soulful melodies he has garnered attention from the likes of Tiësto and The Chainsmokers!

🎧 For Fans Of: Kaskade, Vintage Culture, and anyone drawn to meticulously crafted house tracks that resonate on and off the dance floor.

🪩 Artist Spotlight: Nosay 🪩

Dive into the heart of Utah’s EDM scene with Jason Sevy, better known as Nosay. A stalwart in the dance music community for over two decades. From his early days in ’95 to pioneering the Night Spin Kollective, Nosay’s journey is a testament to his enduring passion for house music.

🎵 Signature Style: Nosay’s sets are a vibrant journey through house music’s rich spectrum!

🌟 Rise to Fame: Nosay’s commitment to the culture saw him co-found the nightdroppin’ collective and the Night Spin Kollective. Transitioning from underground raves to mainstream EDM events, marking his indelible impact on Utah’s music scene.

🎧 For Fans Of: Those who live for the ‘4 on the Floor’ beat and appreciate the diversity of house music. Nosay promises an experience filled with energy, love, and unity.

In wrapping up our journey through the Get Funky 2024 lineup, it’s clear that this lineup is shaping up to be a celebration of House Music. Each artist we’ve spotlighted brings a unique energy and passion to the stage. Whether you’re drawn to the deep side of house music or the euphoric highs on the far side of the house spectrum, there’s something for everyone. It’s time to pack your bags, prepare your playlists, and get ready to lose yourself in the magic of Get Funky!