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Goodbye Energi Wednesdays: A Look Back at Five Years of Bass and Beats

Explore the vibrant history of Energi Wednesdays at Sky SLC – five years of groundbreaking bass music and rising stars at Sky SLC. Discover the legacy that transformed midweek into a musical haven.

The Early Days

In June 2018, a new beat echoed through the heart of Salt Lake City, marking the beginning of something special at Sky SLC – Energi Wednesdays. Little did we know, this midweek escape would become a cornerstone of our city’s bass music scene, a rite of passage for young ravers, and a launchpad for emerging talents in bass music.

 The journey began with a bang, featuring a lineup that immediately set the tone for what Energi Wednesdays would become. Crizzly, Space Laces, Gammer, Jphlepz, and Megalodon drew crowds and paved the way for 193 unforgettable nights of bass music, spanning riddim, dubstep, DnB, and more.

“…so many of the shows in those first few years were absolutely legendary. For our first ever Energi Wednesdays, we had Crizzly, and I handed out tons of pizza slices to people in the crowd while they were just vibing,” recalls Ian Hiscock, Energi Wednesdays Talent Buyer.

A photo of Crizzly performing at the first ever Energi Wednesays in 2018. Shot by Migpxl.
The first ever Energi Wednesdays with Crizzly 2018. By MigPxl.

Energi Wednesdays wasn’t just another club night; it was an experience, a community. Being an 18+ event, it became the first clubbing experience for many ‘baby ravers’ in Salt Lake City, introducing a new generation to the world of bass music and our dance music community.

“…I’ve been involved with more than a few club nights, and it’s been awesome to see something thrive like it has in the middle of the week. There’s not many places where you can see acts like Virtual Riot, Subtronics, Calcium, Tynan, and a slew of others on a Wednesday. Hell, I launched Vertekz there, and I’m so incredibly proud and grateful that I did,” says Tim Ziperstien, an Energi Wednesdays headliner and avid fan.

A Pause and A Comeback

The world paused in 2020 due to COVID-19, and so did we, with a heavy heart, as we had to cancel shows featuring TrolleySnatcha, Au5 & Chime, Trivecta, Riot Ten, Monxx, Arius, Tsuruda, and Brondo. Yet, the silence couldn’t last forever. In May 2021, we roared back to life with Brondo, reigniting the energy that had been greatly missed.

Rising Stars & Celebrating Female Talent

Energi Wednesdays became known for its stellar lineups, including massive stars like Subtronics, who graced our stage in 2019 for the sold-out ‘Up In Smoke’ tour and again in January 2020 for another sold-out ‘Cyclops Invasion Tour.’ We’ve been proud to host a myriad of DJs who started their journey here and have since risen to great heights – artists like Lil Texas, Kai Wachi, and Peekaboo!

“One of my favorite memories of an artist’s growth was watching Subtronics go from selling out Energi Wednesdays two years in a row, then getting massive and turning into a festival headliner less than a year after that. Both times he sold out the club, it was packed like a sardine can in there with people absolutely raging and vibing. Lines down the block and my phone going off from people trying to find a way in. Hard to top crazy nights like those!” shares Ian Hiscock, Energi Wednesdays Talent Buyer.

A photo of inside of SKy SLC during a sold out show with Subtronics at Energi Wednesdays. Shot by photographer by MigPxl.
Subtronics ‘Cyclops Tour’ Sold out show at Energi Wednesdays 2020. By MigPxl.

A special shoutout is deserved for the incredible female bass music artists who’ve headlined and performed on our stage, showcasing the diversity and dynamism of bass music. A Hundred Drums, JVNA, Layz, HVDES, Arius, Khiva, Zia & Sippy, GG Magree, and Jessica Audiffred – these talented artists have left an indelible mark on our hearts and our dance floor.

A photo of sippy performing to a crowd at Sky SLC during Energi Wednesdays. Photo by Matthew Dippel.
Sippy at Energi Wednesdays 2023. By Matthew Dippel.

A Bittersweet Farewell and What’s Next

As we bid farewell to Energi Wednesdays, we look back with fondness, pride, and a bit of bass-induced nostalgia. This event was more than just a weekly gathering; it was a community, a stepping stone for artists, and a haven for music lovers. Though the beats may have stopped, the memories and impacts of Energi Wednesdays will resonate for years to come.

“I will forever miss artists saying, ‘Shows on a Wednesday, huh? Never had this before,’ and post-show, their responses were always positive on how much they loved the intimacy, the energy, and how wild SLC is during a weekday,” reminisces Jake Hoffman, Sky SLC Artist Relations.

Lil Texas at Energi Wednesdays 2023. By Rondo.

But what’s next for V2 Presents and their bass music department? Ian, a talent buyer at V2 Presents, shares, “…We’re putting all that ENERGI into more weekend shows at The Complex, The Depot, Soundwell, and more new venues. Also going to launch more branded events with stacked lineups like the upcoming BASSCASE on January 27th. Lots of new things already announced and in the works for 2024! Looking forward to the new year and making more memories in SLC.”

Thank you, Sky SLC. Thank you, artists. And most importantly, thank you, fans. You made Energi Wednesdays a phenomenon. Here’s to the music, the memories, and the ENERGI that will live on in all of us.

As we close this chapter on Energi Wednesdays, we’d like to dedicate this retrospective to the memory of Kira Davis, a cherished member of our community who we sadly lost earlier this year. Kira’s spirit and passion for music were emblematic of the Energi that made Energi Wednesdays so special. Her presence in the crowd was a bright light, and while she may no longer be with us, her memory and love for the music live on in our hearts. Rest in peace, Kira. Your Energi family will never forget you.

Co-wrote by: Courtney Coles // V2 Presents Marketing Director

Co-wrote by: Jason Appel // V2 Presents Marketing Assistant