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Help Us and Sign This Petition

Sign the petition for UDOT to add a protective fencing across the bridge outside of the Saltair!

To our community:

We are continuing to work on implementing safety updates to our events and need your help! Please sign this petition!

This past August, a man died after falling from the UT-202 overpass and being struck by multiple vehicles on I-80. This tragedy would have been avoided if there had been a fence in place. We can and should prevent other, similar tragedies in the future.

This particular overpass bridge is within approximately 200 yards of a large concert & music festival venue

A venue which is also a major tourist attraction for travelers across the world and experiences heavy foot traffic.

In the last year, at least three other traffic accidents were reported in Utah involving people or animals that fell or jumped from overpasses onto interstate highways. Other states, including Pennsylvania and Ohio, have recognized this problem and taken steps to remedy it. They have proposed, passed, and implemented certain laws and rules that require protective fencing be placed on overpasses bridging interstate highways. Now is the time for Utah to follow suit.

Please read and sign this petition that will be forwarded to the Executive Director of UDOT requesting that protective fencing be installed on the UT-202 overpass bridging I-80.


Sign The Petition Online: v2tix.info/Petition

Download and Mail The Petition: v2tix.info/DownloadPetition