Das Energi Festival 2020 [Postponed]

Das Energi Festival returns to the Great Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 14th and 15th 2020!

V2 Presents

⚡️Das Energi Festival 2020⚡️

August 14th & 15th 2020

We will enter the future of Das Energi Festival in 2020. This transcending time is where we will combine our forces of love, and fuse our ENERGI; together we will create this new era in the Das Energi legacy.

Join us this summer along the shimmering marvel that is the Great Salt Lake, on the site of the historic Great Saltair. This is where The Reactor will again power up on the Energi Field, The Synergy Station will invade our atmosphere and The Galactic Flats will regenerate and light the shores of the Salt Lake.

We will create this space that will bring us together but YOU will drive our community forward with your pure and authentic love. YOU will be the power that lights Das Energi Festival 2020. So this summer we ask that you open your mind and heart, and connect with us.

And remember This world is what WE MAKE IT because YOU ARE THE ENERGI.

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