Get Lucky Festival 2024

Mark your calendars for the return of Get Lucky Festival on March 8th & 9th, 2024. Let us be your guide through this sanctuary of sound and spirit

V2 Presents 


Get Lucky Festival


March 8th and 9th, 2024


At The Great Saltair 


Ace Aura b2b Skybreak x Aweminus x Bear Grillz x Canabliss x Chase & Status x CRYZTL x Culture Shock x Dab The Sky x Destructo x Dillon Francis x Dr. Fresch b2b Habstrakt x Ember x Everettz x Flux Pavilion x Great Dane x Koven x Kowta b2b TLZMN x Married With Turntables x Marten Horger x Omnom b2b Odd Mob x Reaper x San Holo x Smoakland b2b Sippy x What So Not


Once upon a time, in the tender embrace of spring’s first light, there emerged a place of wonder. This place, celebrated across lands and seas, was Get Lucky Festival—a mystical gathering where fantasy is painted in vibrant hues upon the canvas of reality.


Let us be your guide through this sanctuary of sound and spirit. Come with us to frolic in the shadows of the mushroom groves and bask in the shimmering stardust that fills the air. In this place, each moment is a spell cast, each night a chapter written in the stars, and every face a friend not yet met.


Get Lucky Festival marks the beginning of a fairytale that we will write together, beneath the canopy of endless possibility. Together, we will discover that the true treasure lies not at the end of the rainbow, but in the journey with kindred spirits through the magical world of Get Lucky Festival.


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