X Giving with Excision

Introducing X Giving with Excision and more, Thanksgiving weekend at The Great Saltair!

V2 Presents

X Giving

Crnkn, Dotcom, Nghtmre
Grimblee, Quintana

The fall season is perfect for eating comfort foods, drinking cider, and embracing the #NetflixAndChill lifestyle, but this Thanksgiving we’re bringing you a heaping serving of bass so tasty you’ll have to escape your living-room coma and join us on the dance floor of the Great Saltair. Welcome X Giving! Featuring the maddening rhythms of Excision, Crnkn, Dotcom, Nightmare, Grimblee, and Quintana. Grab your sweaters, throw your Xs up, and prepare to be rocked with the best!

The Great Saltair
12408 West Saltair Drive, Magna, UT
This event is 18+
Doors open at 7:00pm

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