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Das Energi Festival 2024 Artist Spotlights

Learn more about the Das Energi Festival lineup with our Artist Spotlight blog. Discover and learn about your favorite artists!

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Above & Beyond⚡️

Above & Beyond, consisting of Jono, Tony, and Paavo, have been icons in electronic dance music for over two decades. Founders of Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, they host the popular ‘Group Therapy Radio’ show and have earned two GRAMMY nominations. Known for their sold-out shows at venues like Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl, they continue to shape the EDM landscape.

🎵 Top Tracks:  “Northern Soul,” “We’re All We Need,” “Common Ground”

🎧 Fun Fact: They have released a stand-alone album for yoga and meditation.

⚡️Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Rezz⚡️

REZZ, the alias of Isabelle Rezazadeh, is a Juno Award-winning Canadian DJ/producer known for her moody, dark-hued production style. With a background of self-taught production skills, REZZ gained prominence with releases on Skrillex’s Nest imprint and Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Edge,” “Black Ice,” “Relax”

⚡️ Career Highlights: REZZ has headlined major festivals like Coachella and EDC, and her albums “Mass Manipulation” and “Certain Kind of Magic” have received critical acclaim.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Seven Lions⚡️

California producer Jeff Montalvo, known as Seven Lions, has blended mainstream pop, trance, and dubstep to create a cult following since his debut EP, “Days to Come” in 2012. He is known for his emotive and genre-blending music.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Not Even Love,” “Worlds Apart,” “Don’t Leave”

🎧 Fun Fact: Seven Lions started his journey by winning a remix competition held by Above & Beyond, which significantly boosted his career.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Subtronics⚡️

Hailing from Philadelphia, Subtronics’ journey began with a passion for his drum set and an appreciation for Radiohead. Discovering dubstep in high school ignited his love for music production, leading to a decade-long career defined by cutting-edge sound design and electric live performances.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Griztronics,” “Wooked on Tronics,” “Bumpy Teeth”

🎧 Fun Fact: The name Subtronics stems from his love for subwoofers and electronics, perfectly capturing his bass-heavy, innovative sound.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Adventure Club⚡️

Adventure Club, the dynamic duo from Montreal, Canada, is known for their significant impact on the electronic dance community. With hits like “Crash” and “Wonder,” their remix of “Crave You” remains a fan favorite. Their debut album, Red //Blue, topped Dance and Electronic charts, and they’ve earned Grammy and Juno nominations for their innovative music.

🎵 Top Tracks:  “Crash,” “Wonder,” “Already Know”

🌟 Highlights: Grammy nomination for “Best Remixed Recording,” Juno Awards nominations

🎧 Fun Fact: Their mixtape series, ‘Superheroes Anonymous,’ attracts an average of 1 million listeners.

⚡️Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Aname⚡️

anamē, the collaboration of Marcus Schössow and Thomas Sagstad, brings together a love of artists and labels from their early influences. Debuting on Anjunabeats in 2022, they’ve worked with Above & Beyond and remixed classics. Their debut album ‘Beautiful World’ showcases their moving and dynamic sound.

🎵 Must-Hear Tracks: “Gratitude,” “Influencer,” “Anywhere (Road Trippin’)”

🎧 Fun Fact: The name anamē is derived from Old Norse, meaning “to adapt.”

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Ben Nicky⚡️

Ben Nicky is a standout, record-breaking star in the global dance scene. Known for his unique brand and viral social media presence, he has become one of the most sought-after artists worldwide. Regularly selling out solo shows at iconic venues and performing at major festivals like EDC Vegas and Tomorrowland, Ben’s popularity continues to soar.

🎵 Top Tracks:“We Come 1”, “Deep In Your Love”, “Adagio For Strings”

🎧 Fun Fact: Ben’s Headf**k mashups combine well-known classics with current hits, making each set a unique experience.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Bijou ⚡️

 BIJOU, also known as Ben Dorman, is redefining the house music scene with his G-house sound. From his breakout track “Hello” with Dr. Fresch to chart-topping EPs like ‘Gangsta Party,’ Bijou has made a significant impact. He also runs his own label, Do Not Duplicate Recordings.

🎵 Must-Listens:  “Hello,” “The Players Anthem,” “Gang Gang”

🎧 Fun Fact:  Bijou blends hip-hop vibes with house music, creating tracks that are both underground and main-stage ready.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Bonnie x Clyde ⚡️

BONNIE X CLYDE blends vocal-oriented dance tracks across various styles, reflecting human behavior and culture. Their music moves both body and soul, embodying unity and individuality. They gained initial success with “Bass Jam” and continued to climb charts with hits like “Love Is Killing Me” and “Need Ya.”

🎵 Must-Listens: “Bass Jam,” “Love Is Killing Me,” “Need Ya”

🌟 Highlight: Dominating SiriusXM dance charts, winning an EMA for their remix of Illenium’s “Love Me A Little”

🎧 Fun Fact:  Their album “There’s No Tomorrow” inspires living each day to the fullest, encouraging high-frequency energy and awareness.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Demitri Medina ⚡️

Demitri Medina is a dynamic artist excelling in production, singing, and songwriting across diverse genres. His journey includes founding bands like ”Willows” and “GRAVAS,” and his compositions have featured in shows like ”Sons of Anarchy.” As a solo act, Demitri captivates audiences with high-energy performances blending melodic bass with influences from Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, Dubstep, House, and Trap music.

🎵 Top Tracks: “High Off Your Love” “Risk It All – Remix” “Under The Tree’

🎧 Fun Fact: His musical journey spans multiple genres and innovative projects, showcasing his boundless creativity and evolving musical skills.

⚡️Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Eliminate ⚡️

Eliminate has set a new precedent for innovation in dance music since signing to Disciple’s exclusive roster in 2018. His discography spans dubstep, electro house, trap, and drum and bass, maintaining his unmistakable signature sound. Notable releases include his Cyber Whale EP and Dead Sea EP, with tracks like “Weeble Wobble” becoming festival favorites.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Weeble Wobble,” “Them” feat. Virus Syndicate, “Pony” remix

🌟 Highlight: Eliminate has produced one of the Top 10 most-played tracks at EDC Las Vegas, collaborations with artists like Barely Alive and DJ Diesel.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Fred V ⚡️

Fred V, originally from Exeter, UK, rose to prominence as one half of the drum & bass duo Fred V & Grafix before launching a successful solo career. His sound is influenced by film soundtracks, indie, minimalist classical, and synth wave, combined with his signature drum & bass style. Fred hosts a prime-time radio show on KISS FM and continues to tour globally.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Altitude,” “Ignite,” “Rainbow Road”

🎧 Fun Fact: Fred is currently working on his second solo album, showcasing his versatility and talent as a musician.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Fury with Dino ⚡️

Steve Blakley, aka Fury, has been a staple in the electronic music scene for nearly two decades. Known as Denver’s “King of Jungle,” Fury has a rigorous travel itinerary and is a regular at many of the nation’s biggest festivals. He is also the founder of The Firm Graphics, one of the most influential design companies in EDM.

🎵 Top Tracks:  “Jump Up,” “Jungle Love,” “Bassline”

🌟 Highlights: Regular at EDC Las Vegas, Paradiso, Global Dance Festival, and Nocturnal Wonderland

🎧 Fun Fact: Fury produced a weekly event at Beta Nightclub, voted Rolling Stone’s #1 club in the US, entitled Bassic Fridays.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: G Jones b2b Eprom ⚡️

G JONES, a master of electronic music production, is known for his collaborations with Amon Tobin, Eprom, and DJ Shadow. Rolling Stone and Billboard have praised his innovative and chaotic sound. EPROM, a key figure in the West-Coast scene, is known for his toxic hip-hop and searing garage mutations. Together, they are set to create a unique and mind-bending live experience at Das Energi.

🎵 Top Tracks: G JONES – “Understanding the Possibility,” “Dark Artifact,” EPROM – “Humanoid,” “Pipe Dream”

🎧 Fun Fact: DJ Shadow called G JONES “the most gifted Ableton beatmaker I’ve ever seen.”

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Gorgon City ⚡️

Gorgon City’s Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson Scott have firmly established themselves as one of the most revered contemporary dance music duos. Known for their timeless, bass-driven house music, they have amassed over 10 million singles sold and 1.5 billion global streams.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Ready For Your Love,” “Real Life,” “Imagination”

⭐️ Career Highlights: Performing at top festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury, and EDC, as well as renowned venues worldwide

⚡️Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Gravas (DNB Set) ⚡️

Gravas is the latest rocktronic expedition co-founded by Demitri Medina, featuring members like Frank Zummo from Sum 41, Fransis Derelle, and CRaymak. Known for their high-energy performances, Gravas blends genres like Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, Dubstep, House, and Trap music to create a unique sound and live performance.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Erase Me” “Drown”

⭐️ Das Energi Highlight: We are in for a treat when Gravas performs a rare Drum n’ Bass set at this years Das Energi!

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Harriet Jaxxon ⚡️

Harriet Jaxxon is one of the most exciting drum & bass artists to emerge in recent years. She has performed at high-profile stages like Reading & Leeds Festival, Glastonbury, Creamfields, and Amnesia Ibiza. With a background in DJing for Ministry of Sound and Capital FM, her debut single ‘The Sound’ has amassed over 2 million streams.

🎵 Top Tracks: “The Sound,” “Falling,” “Restart”

🎧 Fun Fact: Harriet also designs her own brand ‘XX’ clothing line, which has become a sought-after collection in the drum and bass scene. Pray she brings some to our merch booth at Das Energi.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Jessica Audiffred ⚡️

 Dubbed “one of the hardest players in the game” by Festival Voice, Jessica Audiffred’s resume includes B2B showcases with industry giants like Excision and sold-out tours across the country. Hailing from Mexico City, Jessica has established her own niche within the Bass genre, both as a sought-after music producer and a captivating live performer.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Nindo,” “The King Is Dead,” “Ghost”

⚡️ Highlights: Known for her rapturous dance floors and wall-to-wall packed shows, she has performed at major festivals and venues worldwide.

⚡️Das Energi Artist Spotlight: JSTJR⚡️

 JSTJR’s music transcends subgenres and labels. His global sound has earned him releases on top labels like Insomniac Records, Mad Decent, Fool’s Gold, and SMOG. JSTJR has been hailed as the US ambassador of Buraka Som Sistema’s zouk bass movement and has collaborated with elite producers like Skrillex, A-Trak, and Diplo.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Put Yo Hood Up,” “Party,” “I See You”

🎧 Fun Fact: JSTJR was a credited artist on Major Lazer’s “Peace Is The Mission” in 2015.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Kaleena Zanders⚡️

Kaleena Zanders is a revolutionary vocalist, songwriter, DJ, and entertainer with a magnetic presence in the dance community. Known for her gospel-influenced sound and powerhouse vocals, Kaleena has worked with top artists like Chris Lake, AC Slater, Matroda, and Loud Luxury. She has amassed over 500 million streams and radio support worldwide.

🎵 Top Tracks: “V I B R A T I O N” (with Shift K3Y), “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been,” “This Feeling”

⚡️ Highlight: Kaleena’s single “V I B R A T I O N” went number one on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay and US Dance Radio. We hope hear this one at Das Energi Festival!

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Kanine B2B ÆON:MODE⚡️

Internationally renowned producer and DJ, Kanine, is one of the leading forces in today’s Drum & Bass scene. Debuting in 2016, the London-based artist has seen a meteoric rise to the top, earning the reputation of being one of the most consistent and reliable producers. He was voted Best Newcomer at the 2019 Drum & Bass Arena Awards. ÆON:MODE, the brainchild of Australian-born, Denver-based producer JP Orchison (known primarily as Blanke), thrives in a lane of Drum & Bass influenced by early acts like Pendulum and Sub Focus. The ÆON:MODE project was born following the success of Blanke’s Drum & Bass singles “Alchemy” and “Mystery,” which hit #1 and #2 most played on triple j radio in Australia in 2021.

🎧 Fun Fact: The ÆON:MODE Remix of Ray Volpe’s “Laserbeam” clocked over 4 million streams on Spotify alone and landed in the top 10 most played Drum & Bass tracks of 2023 on 1001 tracklists.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Kasablanca⚡️

Kasablanca is a feeling, a place; a moment in time. This mysterious act captures human emotion, suspending it in a vacuum tube, manipulating it through living machines, and converting it to binary for mass consumption.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Am I Dreaming”, “Remission”, “Afterglow”

⚡️ Highlight: Kasablanca is known for creating an immersive and emotional experience through their music, connecting deeply with audiences across various festivals and venues including an amazing Das Energi set in 2022.

⚡️ Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Marsh⚡️

Some artists exude total and unapologetic passion for their craft, and Tom Marshall, known as Marsh, is one such artist. A fan favorite on the roster of renowned UK label Anjunadeep and one of the breakout stars of the melodic house scene, Marsh has sculpted a distinctly warm, emotional sound since he first emerged in the mid-2010s. Inspired by his teenage love of early 2000s trance and crossover drum & bass acts like Pendulum, Marsh has distilled these influences into a captivating and soulful signature style.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Lost In You,” “Foss,” “Come Together”

⚡️ Highlight: Marsh has headlined prestigious venues such as Printworks London and The Brooklyn Mirage, and now add Das Energi Festival to that list!

⚡️ Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Cassian B2B Layton Giordani⚡️

Layton Giordani, a prominent figure in techno’s new school, emerged from New York’s club scene with a passion for techno honed under the mentorship of Adam Beyer. Cassian is an Australian DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, recognized for his versatile sound blending melodic house and techno. His contributions include critically acclaimed album mixes for RÜFÜS DU SOL, and a prolific solo career highlighted by releases on labels like Rose Avenue Records and Afterlife Records.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Lafayette,” “Same Things,” “Magical” (with ZOLLY) -Cassian, “Space Date,” “New Generation,” “Rave” – Layton Giordani,

⚡️ Das Energi Highlight: This back to back will be the first time Layton Giordani and Cassian have ever gone back to back. We are in for a special treat!

⚡️Artist Spotlight: MitiS⚡️

Known as Joseph Torre offstage, MitiS is a producer who takes his unique interpretation of piano-derived melodic music to festival stages. Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Joseph began his musical journey as a classical pianist, fusing his classical roots with mastery in technical production. MitiS has built a devoted and loyal fan base (the MitiS Mob) that helps spread his music globally.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Try,” “Homesick,” “By My Side”

⚡️ Highlight: His album ‘Lost’ reached #1 on the iTunes Dance/Electronic chart and ranked as the #8 album of the week on Spotify across all genres.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Nitepunk B2B Lucille Croft⚡️

Lasha Mamulashvili, also known as Nitepunk, is a bass music producer and DJ based in Brooklyn, NYC. He creates dubstep, breaks, drum & bass, and electronic music, blending diverse genres into a unique and energetic sound. Lucille Croft is an independent electronic artist from Australia, a producer, songwriter, vocalist, DJ, and creative director. Inspired by The Prodigy, Grimes, Nine Inch Nails, and Bjork, Lucille’s music is as unapologetic as she is.

🎵 Lucille Croft Top Tracks: “Control,” “Resonate,” “Patient X”

🎵 Nitepunk Top Tracks:  “Flow,” “Disconnected,” “Miracle”

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Nora En Pure⚡️

Globally renowned for her cinematic soundscapes and ethereal performances, South African-born, Swiss-based Queen of Deep House, Nora En Pure has spent the last few years reaching the pinnacle of the dance music scene. Daniela Di Lillo, the force behind the name, has captivated audiences worldwide with eye and ear for detail.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Come With Me,” “Morning Dew,” “Tears In Your Eyes”

⚡️ Highlights:  Standout performances at Coachella, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, and EDC.

⚡️Das Energi Artist Spotlight: Oliverse⚡️

Since 2015, Oliverse has been carving his own lane in the dance music world, fusing UK Dance with Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Known for his euphoric, vocal-driven anthems, Oliverse has reached over 50 million listeners worldwide and cemented his place in the scene with smash-hit singles like “Get High.”

🎵 Top Tracks: “Get High,” “Unspoken (feat. Elle Exxe),” “Play With Fire (feat. Clementine Douglas)”

⚡️ Highlights: Headline tours in North America, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand, as well as performances at Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Bootshaus, Tomorrowland, and Rampage.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: One True God⚡️

Canadian LA-based electronic producer and vocalist One True God creates dynamic house and mid-tempo bass music. Known for his versatile discography, OTG blends dark, energetic beats with melodic vocals, drawing inspiration from satanic religious notions of enlightenment, asserting that we are our own God.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Move Slow,” “Addicted,” “Cult 45”

🎧 Fun Fact: OTG’s visuals are known for their metaphorical and subliminal messaging, adding a deeper layer of meaning for those who pay attention.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Qrion⚡️

Born and raised in Sapporo, Qrion began her musical journey using her phone in high school. Her unique sound combines intimate beats with lush synth textures, drawing inspiration from her surroundings. Her versatile style spans from soft, exquisite beats to ’90s-inspired dancefloor anthems.

🎵 Top Tracks:  “Monolith,” “Your Love,” “It’s All Over”

🎧 Fun Fact: Qrion was featured on Forbes Japan’s 30 Under 30 list and her debut album, “I Hope It Lasts Forever,” was recognized by DJ Mag as the 2021 Future Star.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Virtual Riot⚡️

Virtual Riot is a German producer revered for his exceptional sound design and educational contributions to the dubstep community. Combining classical music training with cutting-edge production, he has become a cornerstone of the genre. We can’t wait to hear what he plays at Das Energi Festival.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Show Up,” “Pray For Riddim,” “Lost It”

⚡️Highlights: Virtual Riot has performed at leading festivals like EDC, Tomorrowland, and Lost Lands, and has worked on major projects including Skrillex’s “Mixed Signals” and Justin Bieber’s Grammy-nominated album track “2 Much.”

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Walker & Royce⚡️

Walker & Royce, the dynamic American dance duo, are known for their quirky tech-house tracks. They gained recognition in the early 2010s and have since produced a string of bass-heavy club bangers and collaborated with major artists like Green Velvet.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Take Me to Your Leader,” “My Own Thang,” “Rave Grave”

🎧 Fun Fact: Their 2024 single “Might Just” features James Patterson of The Knocks, adding to their diverse range of collaborations.

⚡️Artist Spotlight: Wooli⚡️

Wooli’s signature blend of harmonic and grimy bass sounds has made him a standout in the EDM scene. With releases on Monstercat, Never Say Die, and Ophelia, he has created a dynamic discography that captures millions of listeners.

🎵 Top Tracks: “Zombie,” “Don’t Look Down,” “Backwards”

⚡️ Career Highlights: Wooli has performed at top festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, and Electric Zoo. (Add Das Energi to that list!) His Destination Tour spanned 32 dates across North America, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the bass music scene.

With such a diverse and massive lineup, Das Energi Festival is set to be the highlight of the year. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this incredible journey. Secure your tickets now and get ready to create unforgettable memories on the dancefloor. See you at Das Energi Festival! ⚡️