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Get Freaky Artist Spotlight: Figure

Figure brings his Horror Dubstep to Get Freaky 2021 and it's going to be scary! Read more about him with our Get Freaky 2021 Artist Spotlight!

Figure is the perfect Get Freaky booking. With the title of: ‘The guy with all the scary dubstep’, his catalog proves just that. With tracks named ‘House On The Hill’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ and albums titled Monsters Volume 1 through 11 it’s easy to see why. He has dropped his Monster albums for the last 9 years and amassed 178 songs total. Expect some soul sucking sounds that will scare even the most proven dubstep fans. 

He marries his love for horror movies and soul crushing bass music into every song he creates. His visuals + his scary beats it’s guaranteed: Figure’s set will be the scariest moment of weekend.  

Top Tracks:

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