Get Lucky Festival 2022

Get Lucky Festival 2022 is coming to Salt Lake City on March 11th and 12th featuring headliners Fisher and Seven Lions!

V2 Presents

✨🍀 Get Lucky Festival 🍀✨

March 11th and 12th, 2022


Fisher and Seven Lions

ATLiens x Benda x Gem & Tauri x Ghastly presents Ghangar x Jason ross x John Summit x Kill The Noise x Kompany x Loki & Steez x Lucati x Malaa x Meeko x Nitti Gripit x Obayashi x Pest x Ray Volpe x Rusko x Valentino Khan x VNSSA x William Black x YEHME2 x Yetep

According to fables, there is a doorway beyond the green plains and spring flowers. Guarded by mystical fairies, only those from the outer world with a pure heart will be able to grasp the doorknob and see what awaits on the other side.

Beyond this doorway is Get Lucky Festival, a world where joy and love are overflowing. A place where rainbows soar across the sky. Gold rains from the sky. Alluring music fills the air, and the feeling of cheer will be astounding.

After two long years of waiting, it is finally time for us to embark on an enchanted journey to find this golden doorway. A journey to discover the magical world that awaits on the other side.

We will lock hands with our fellow lads and follow the marvelous fairies through the opening. We will step through and discover the enchanting world that is Get Lucky Festival!

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